Artistic Program

Footscray Community Arts Centre’s artistic program is shaped by engagement, collaboration and conversation with community. With local, national and international connections, our focus communities include people of all abilities, ages, sexuality and faith from:

  • Melbourne’s west
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities
  • Indigenous communities
  • Disadvantaged and marginalised communities
  • People with disabilities


Creative and Industry Initiatives

Our creative initiatives are artist and community-led projects and initiatives. We with artists and organisations to partner, present, collaborate, deliver and produce innovative arts projects, industry professional development and community-based programs. We work with diverse arts and non-arts organisations and individuals to deepen our connection with communities; expand our networks across the arts and non-arts sector; provide professional development opportunities for our communities and sector; and produce innovative, engaging and high quality contemporary art.

We also consider our cultural facility a key component of our artistic and cultural program. There are a number of events and activities that we present and support each year for audiences to participate in, experience and enjoy.

You can find out about hiring one of our beautiful venues here.

1. Sandra Aitken, Vacuum Cleaner, as part of WEAVE 2013
2. Ngaiire peforms at the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival, 2013. Photography by James Henry.
3. The Amplified Elephants perform ‘Howling Sound’ at FedSquare, 2011. Photography by Tim McNeilage.
4. Jennifer Tran presenting The Foodscray Race as part of the Emerging Cultural Leaders Showcase, 2013. Photograph by Rachel Main.
5. Anis Mojgani performs during One Night Stanza, 2013. Photograph by Rachel Main.