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The Bond Song That Never Was

The Bond Song That Never Was is a contemporary expose on innuendo, martinis and charismatic espionage. The Chaotic Order’s Bond is more absurd, charismatic, louder, bolder and a whole lot darker than you’ve ever seen before.

The Chaotic Order is an inter-disciplinary performance ensemble established in 2009 as part of our ArtLife program. Hypnotic and playfully droll, The Chaotic Order are a unique take on the absurdities of the human condition. A cheeky revolution that transcends social, ethical and cultural definitions by commenting on, subverting and ultimately celebrating a shared humanity. An inherent aspect in The Chaotic Order’s work to date is the explicit use of metaphor, abstraction of form, humour and irreverence as a means to investigate mechanisms of narrative and meaning making.

About Bond Song

Every Bond movie has a Bond song … Sometimes we wonder if the movie or the song came first. From Russia with LoveLive and Let Die, most of the songs sharing a title with the movie, but not always. Artists are invited to find their own Bond song and in turn create work about their imagined Bond film.

Taking this as a starting point make work about their fiction, seeping not just into Bond canon, but into the Hollywood myth as well. Alister Karl curates shows that deal with childhood memories and the obscure, with a sense of humor and a touch of the sinister. Bond Song will be a mix of humorous and reverential takes on the subject matter, an exploration of alpha male, sexism and pop culture. In a variety of media including Burlesque, video, zoetrope and the more mundane drawing, painting and sculpture.

ARTISTS: Genevieve Piko, The Chaotic Order, Alister Karl, Max Piantoni, Monique Barnett, Ive Sorocuk, The Dark Carnival Dolls and Jenna Corcoran and Jamie Rawls
CURATOR: Alister Karl

OPENING 6pm – 9pm Friday 27 September
 28 September – 6 October
 Brunswick Arts, 2A Little Breese Street, Brunswick

More information at www.brunswickarts.com.au

Produced by Footscray Community Arts Centre and presented by Brunswick Arts as part of Bond Song.


As part of our ArtLife program.