Upcoming Events


HRAFF Goes West!

Join us in celebrating 10 years of the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival this May. Celebrations kick off with performances by musicians and artists involved in The Key of Sea, a collaborative music project by some of Australia‚Äôs nest established…

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FCAC Annual General Meeting

Our members called FCAC's 2016 Annual General Meeting 'beautiful', 'moving and lively', 'rich and significant'. What will happen in 2017? Join us for this much loved corporate governance event. Celebrate with us and the FCAC Members as we look back on 2016,…



In 1881, the people of Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve went head-to-head with the Aboriginal Protection Board. Their goal was both simple and revolutionary: to be allowed to continue the brilliant experiment in self-determination they had pioneered for themselves on the scrap…