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WOW Café

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WOW Conversations: Day One

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WOW Conversations: Day Three

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WOW Conversations: Day Two

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WOW Keynote Speakers

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WOW Keynotes and Conversations

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WOW Keynotes: Day One

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WOW Keynotes: Day Three

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WOW Keynotes: Day Two

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WOW Marketplace

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WOW Melbourne FAQs

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WOW Melbourne Tickets

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WOW Partners

Artist Statement: Too often the people I love and admire the most – the ones with extraordinary capabilities, talent and inner strength – are the same people who carry the weight of self-doubt and uncertainty. They are the thinkers, the considered and the quiet amongst us. Yet they’re required to navigate a world that lauds the extroverted as the definitive personality type, creating a subtext that being their true selves is not good enough to succeed.

Shannon is one of the thinkers, the considered and the quiet. She is extraordinary and a future pioneer.

WOW Portraits


WOW Shorts

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WOW Workshops: Doing

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WOW: Day One

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WOW: Day Three

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WOW: Day Two

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WOW: Free Events