An Interview with Victoria University Student Manolya
October 3, 2022

An Interview with Victoria University Student Manolya

Our work at Footscray Community Arts has long been supported and partnered with Victoria University. By working together, we hope to increase the influence of art, community, and education in the West. We welcome a number of VU students every year from various disciplines

We spoke with Manolya Kertis, a VU student, about her placement experience in the ArtLife program at Footscray Community Arts.

What are you currently studying? 
I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Education Studies. I am almost more than halfway through my course, as this year is the final year of my studying. In the future, I would like to teach students from non-English speaking backgrounds.  

Tell us about your experience of doing your placement at Footscray Community Arts. 
I feel like I had an amazing experience for four weeks. I enjoyed being at Footscray Community Arts. I met talented artists in ArtLife program. Thank you to all the artists and the team for accepting me to be a part of Footscray Community Arts and providing an inclusive and positive environment. It was a pleasure to be at Footscray Community Arts.  

How do you think work placements during study adds value to the learning experience?  
This opportunity has taught me a lot of experiences about how to interact with the participants, work collaboratively with the art facilitators as a team. I also believe this work placement helped me to be able to reflect on what I did in the previous years of my study.  

Has undertaking a work placement had any unexpected benefits?   
I had an opportunity to meet different people, work with and support the artists. I enjoyed working together on their artwork, including colouring and sewing. I have learnt a lot from the artists and art facilitators.

Image supplied by Manolya Kertis.