Satya Prapanca

“Through FCACheartsJogja I have learned arts management processes including professional communications through the documentation of projects. I have learned how to capture the collaboration process including development and outcome.

I have observed how the different cultures and backgrounds blend and share ideas. In Jogja we tend to do things more organically than systematically, and I think we can learn from each other. Some of the important outcomes of FCACheartsJogja are the relationships and a better understanding of each other, the cultures and the way we work. We are getting a better understanding of Australia cultures, Thai cultures etc. In the future maybe we can continue this partnership, keep sharing and keep communicating and through arts we can work on universal issues together.”

Satya Prapanca is a co-founder of Kebun Binatang Film, a film production house that makes music documentaries based in Jogjakarta. Kebun Binatang Film has released 26 videos online, three DVDs, one co-production documentary, and does other projects such as music workshops and gigs. He also has several music projects with various musicians. Satya enjoys doing like doing photography both for art and fun as photography is a unique way to view how the world is.


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