Ahmarnya Price

“I’ve been working at Footscray Community Arts Centre for the past seven years as the creative director/performance tutor of The Chaotic Order. I’m consistently inspired by the commitment, vision and integrity the Centre brings to creating high quality contemporary artwork that is in direct conversation with both local and global communities. I look forward to continuing to develop and create work within this dynamic environment.”

Ahmarnya Price is a visual artist and performance maker. She draws, paints, animates, writes, directs and occasionally performs. She has exhibited throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. In 2002 she was awarded a ‘Noma Concours (Unesco) Prize for Picture Book Illustration’. Her exhibition Just Me and Yoko Ono won a Melbourne Fringe Festival Award in 2008. In 2012 she completed her postgraduate studies in Performance Creation at VCA and was granted the Grace Marion Wilson Trust Scholarship. Recent collaborations include St Martin’s Youth Theatre, Back to Back Theatre, Metro Arts, Battersea Arts Centre (UK) and Footscray Community Arts Centre. With the support of FCAC she established performance ensemble The Chaotic Order in 2009. Their show The Waiting Place won Melbourne Fringe Festival’s ‘Best Original Australian Work’.

In 2014 she received the VCA Professional Pathways Scholarship to extend her research both at FCAC and internationally. Ahmarnya’s current project in development, Rumpus, was invited to take part in Metro Arts TAKEOVER program in July 2013 and traveled to Battersea Arts Centre, Uk, in November 2014. Rumpus will debut at FCAC as part of The Festival of Live Art in 2016 before returning to Battersea Arts Centre in the UK for a season as part of the LIFT festival.

FCAC Moment

My favourite FCAC moment comes via someone elses. The Chaotic Order had just completed their last performance of The Waiting Place and Nikki Zerella (Creative Producer), Esther (Performer / Artist) and myself were on our way to North Melbourne Town Hall to attend the Melbourne Fringe Festival’s awards ceremony as the show had been nominated for ‘Best Original Australian Work’.  We were running late, and therefore made to wait in line, when someone turned around and told us that we had won. I grabbed Esthers hand, pushed through the crowds and we ran to the stage. Esther, who due to ongoing health requirements isn’t often able to be out at night, received the award on behalf of The Chaotic Order and Footscray Community Arts Centre. Back stage she whispered ‘this is the best moment of my life!’ and spent the remainder of the evening getting down and dirty on the dance floor.

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