Grace Vanilau

“The Footscray Community Arts Centre is recognized as a key cultural hub locally and nationally and is becoming internationally renowned for it’s leadership in the sector.Respectfully providing a gathering place for people from all walks of life, diversity and cultures; represented in their many forms, who are leading the cultural development of organisations and projects, for and by their own respective communities. As well as contributing to strength based models and conversations by activating symposiums, festivals, exhibitions and programs that encourage varying perspectives of creative critical thinkers interacting across disciplines, cultures, industries, networks and Oceans – informing and supporting arts and cultural landscapes and policy reforms in Australia and beyond. A vibrant, powerful hub with all access entry points, FCAC’s team, leadership and programming clearly reflects this.”

My favourite FCAC moment

“Standing on the pier along the Maribrynong River, the inaugural Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival 2013, watching Te Karangatahi Waka a forty foot Maori War Canoe being rowed by Maori warriors chanting ancient stories. Behind me my Pacific community, elders, artists, children, FCAC staff.  The lawn in front of us scattered with our Pacific and other mobs.  Indigenous elders preparing to welcome to country … and thinking ‘Footscray … we’ve arrived mmmhmm’.”


Grace Vanilau is a Community Cultural Development practitioner and creative producer with 23 years of experience working in the arts sector both in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. She works across mediums as a practicing weaver and international performance artist, singer, songwriter and spoken word poet.Grace holds postgraduate qualifications in Community Cultural Development Practices and Indigenous Arts Management from the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne. She specialises in producing culture-specific programs working with Contemporary Pacific Arts sector across communities and developing intercultural knowledge share spaces, with the key purpose to mobilize and uplift communities through creativity. She continues to draw on her extensive networks in the Pacific arts and broader arts communities to bring together people who are passionate about contributing to the transference and evolution of Pacific arts and cultural heritage.



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