Lia Pa’apa’a

  •  Describe what you consider to be FCAC’s contribution to the arts and culture of the Melbourne’s west, and nationally?
    FCAC is a home where you always feel welcome. It is friendly and inviting and hospitable.  It has and continues to provide access points for people to engage in a rich diverse cross section of art forms to people who might not otherwise go to “Arty places”
  • How does FCAC support you / your community to participate, share stories and develop new ideas or work?
    FCAC have allowed CPAF and therefor the Pacific Islander communites of Melbourne and Australia come together to celebrate their rich diverse stories and art forms across a month of programming and major festival.  FCAC staff has provided the sound foundation that has allowed CPAF to grow from in order to develop the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival into a strong and important platform within the Pacific region.
  • Thinking about FCAC’s role as a community-engaged arts organisation, how important is it to Australian identity? Why?
    FCAC is a microphone and platform for the people.  It provides the tools and space to allow people to tell their unique stories their way.
  • Describe your favourite FCAC moment
    Watching a traditional Maori Waka come up the Maribyrnong River and be greeted by a haka and the Traditional owners on the pier of FCAC lawns.

Lia Pa’apa’a | Festival Director, Symposium Coordinator

Lia Pa’apa’a is a Samoan/Native American woman who works across Australia as artist and community arts worker. Lia has spent the last 5 years working on Indigenous and Pacific festivals in urban, regional and remote Australia. These innovative events all have a major element of Cultural Community Development and have allowed Lia to develop her skills as a leading event director of cultural arts festivals and events. Lia is currently living in the remote community of Borroloola in NT as the Indigenous Traditional Dance Coordinator for Artback NT to deliver the annual traditional dance festival DanceSite.  Lia manages and leads the CPAF team remotely from Borroloola, developing best practice models and processes for CPAF to continue to grow and develop.

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