Steven Rhall

“From my initial contact and involvement with FCAC, I have found myself in a position where there is always an open dialogue as to what might be achieved. FCAC have been very supportive of helping me realise my creative vision and that of one voice within a diverse First Nation community. FCAC work creatively and often beyond means to best support and activate their stakeholders, regardless of class, status, origin and all other ‘identifiers’ that otherwise ostracise segments of the community.”


Apart from everything else in his life, Steven Rhall’s crusade is to confirm there are no boundaries as to what may constitute ‘Aboriginal Art’. But deep inside himself, he knows there really aren’t any. So while wasting time on an otherwise fruitless crusade, Rhall poses and seeks response to this question – his practice often incorporating and subverting the very forces that often seek to define. Including tools of media and advertising, through public intervention and performance, Rhall makes work using objects both infused with meaning and otherwise.

Rhall’s multidisciplinary practice has it’s basis in his formal photographic training whilst incorporating video, sound, drawing and text.


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