Sunny Drake

“FCAC provides invaluable space and support for a myriad of activities and the incubation of community driven and responsive ideas and projects. Having toured my theatre work across Europe, North America and Australia, it’s not that often that I come across spaces that both support work at such a grassroots level and stimulate and challenge communities and audiences by programming dynamic and interesting projects.
I loved walking through the buildings and seeing life spilling out of each space and creative processes pouring throughout. Such a wide range of communities seem to treat it as a home away from home. It’s that sort of space that ideas get germinated and spring to life. It’s also somewhere that I see people take risks and challenge each other. I felt respected as an artist and as a person and I’m deeply grateful for the high degree of rigour and commitment from FCAC to presenting my work in it’s richest form.”

My favourite FCAC moment

“On the day I was bumping in my show, I loved the moment when I really “got” how the FCAC staff and participants are a community unto themselves. We were looking for an iron and ironing board to iron the drapes in my set and the entire team pitched in to concoct various different plans for procuring an iron. I remember thinking to myself “these are people not afraid to get their hands dirty.”

Australian born award-winning queer and trans writer, performer & producer Sunny Drake has toured his internationally acclaimed one man shows across Europe, the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico & Australia. He has performed in theatres, international festivals, living-rooms, streets, work places, deserts, schools, universities, basements, backyards & conferences. He won the Arts Professional Award in 2014 at SummerWorks, Canada’s largest juried performance festival, as well as being named by NOW Magazine (Toronto) for “Outstanding Performance” and “Outstanding Design”. Festival highlights include: San Francisco International Arts Festival (2010), North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL) Festival (New York, 2010), three shows in the USA National Queer Arts Festival (2008, 2010, 2012), plus numerous Australian festivals including New Mardi Gras (2009 & 2010), Midsumma (2010), Metro Arts Independents 2012, the Brisbane Festivals UNDER THE RADAR (2009) and Feast (Adelaide 2009 & 2010). Now a resident of Canada based in Toronto, Sunny was born and grown on Indigenous Jaggera-Turrabul land (Brisbane, Australia) and comes from English and Irish ancestry. He is the author of a popular blog which mixes personal story with queer and trans* politics, The Glamorous Life Of, with over 70,000 readers in the past year.



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