Tariro Mavondo

In my opinion FCAC is one of the only community -engaged arts organisation that is wholly inclusive of  a broad range of culturally and linguistically diverse groups and other disadvantaged groups in our community. I think many community arts groups feel like FCAC is a second home and are very active in delivering, implementing, participating in events and programs in partnership with FCAC. I think FCAC has truthfully embraced our multicultural identity. I’m from an African background and often my community does not exist in the public arena i.e. commercial media television and radio etc and if we do it’s usually solidify negative stereotypes. So FCAC provides us with the opportunity to break these stereotypes down and show who we are in our own words and this is affirming and empowering.”

My favourite FCAC moment

“I have many memorable and fond FCAC moments but my favourite would have to Patrice Naimbana’s Man Who Committed Thought showing. It was so affecting on multiple levels, the young African people who came and saw it were touched and inspired. The artistry was of an insanely highly standard and I saw Patrice as a mentor and colleague from the African diaspora whose work was aligned to mine, a heavy emphasis and focus on de colonising art and shifting perspective for a more inclusive global history and narrative.”


Tariro Mavondo graduated from Bachelor of Dramatic Arts VCA (2011) and was the recipient of the Irene Mitchell. Tariro is currently a Melbourne Theatre Company/Multicultural Arts Victoria Ambassador. Her theatre credits include Jumpy (MTC, 2015), Belleville (Red Stitch Theatre, 2014), Arden V Arden (Hayloft Project, 2013). Tariro has extensive experience in education theatre including performing in Black White Mask Interactive (Flemington Theatre Group, 2013, 2014) and directing roles. A performance poet, Tariro is a State and National Australian Poetry Slam Finalist and her work has been published in PEN Melbourne and in Focus Magazine. Tariro published her first article Dangers of a Single Story, Overland Magazine 2012.




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