Heather Horrocks

FCACheartsJogja success lies in the capacity it has built for collaboration, respect and friendship.  The contrast between how we live in Australia and how artists live in Jogja had the potential to disrupt and/or distort relationships and outcomes.  It didn’t. This was due to the care taken in the initial stages of the partnership to frankly explore, acknowledge and recognise cultural issues as they might impact on both visitors and outcomes – without patronising, demeaning or challenging the norms of either culture. 

[In regard to my own practice] it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I will lease a studio in Jogja for 12 months, visit it for a couple of two to three month periods and invite some of my Jogja artist friends to utilise the space for their own practices in the intervening months.  And that’s amazing!”

Heather Horrocks is now semi-retired but her activities include being director of an artist-run space, a practicing artist (charcoal, threads, paste-ups, found objects) and, with her husband, proprietor of a small business that often takes her interstate to write, edit, and produce reports and policy documents while gazing at landscapes and interrogating trees.

She has been widely involved in the Footscray community for nearly 20 years. Heather currently chairs the Western Region Health Centre Board, sits on the Arts Advisory Committee for the City of Maribyrnong, and is a founding member of the newly-established Footscray Riverside Action Group. She was formerly a member of Footscray Community Arts Centre Board.

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