Rudi Hermawan

“With FCACheartsJogja I can introduce myself and my collective and be known to the art scenes in Melbourne. I’m also be able to learn about Australia arts and culture through interacting with local artists, by sharing knowledge about visual arts in particular, and arts and culture in general. With this partnership we can share and apply our knowledge and work together as a team.”

Rudi (Lampung) Hermawan is a printmaker and artist originally from Lampung, Sumatra. Along with Prihatmoko Moki and Malcolm Smith he is one of the members of Krack!, a print studio that focuses on innovative and critically engaged printmaking.

Rudi’s work explores social issues in Indonesia from an intimate personal perspective. His current project ’The Elephant never Forgets’ is an exhibition of images and a book that tells the story of the ongoing environmental devastation, loss of habitat for endangered species, corruption and ethnic violence that has occurred in his home town of Metro as a result of Suharto’s ‘Transmigrasi’ policy.


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