Stufvani Ghendis

[FCACheartsJogja is an important project] because all the artists involved can learn to work together, exchanging skills while enhancing their respective expertise, and exchanging information as well as strengthen networking art

[Important outcomes include] all those involved in the program to better know the developments in their respective fields.Cooperation and partnership that exists [in the project] would be very useful to create a movement and a larger program for a better life course.

Stufvani Ghendis produces, manages and organises performance, theatre, exhibitions and music, assisting and liaising with the artists and musicians, from Jogjakarta and overseas.

Recent projects include assisting Footscray Community Arts Centre with the preparations and delivery of FCACheartsJogja, a Jogjakarta focused program in collaboration with Australian artists supported by the Australia Council for the Arts. This includes managing the installation of artistic works, providing consultation with programming, involvement with a series of cultural discussions, meeting with local members of the Australian community and maintaining reciprocal relations with Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Other work includes administration in Biasa Art Space, Seminyak Bali (2012), Stage Manager for Jogja News launch (2011), liaison and production for TransGrobak (MULTIMEDIA DANCE PERFORMANCE EVENT) JOGJA NATIONAL MUSEUM with Mike Hornblow and Performance Klub (2010) and working as an organiser for Festival Mata Air (2006). She also works with The Volcanic Winds Project.


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