Salote Tawale

“In 2014 I was a participant in the FCACheartsJogja tour. This tour saw myself and four other artist travel to Jogjakarta, Indonesia for a month. This was an invaluable experience for many reasons. Firstly, I was able to establish connections and networks with Indonesian artist, curators and galleries. Through this project I was able to exhibit and collaborate with emerging and well-established Indonesian artists, resulting in the exhibition Esquisite Corpstalliation, which was held at Ace House Collective, Jogja, in June 2014. I was also a part of the travelling exhibition Mealoni Pasifika at ICAN in Jogjakarta. This exhibition and tour made it possible for me to develop relationships with artists that I am still in regular contact with. Through these artists I was able to gain insight into contemporary arts practice
in Indonesia and more generally South-east Asia.

Via the networks established by FCAC it was possible for me to develop and create new work whilst abroad. Some of this work was then shown in my solo show Colonising Westspace, held at Westspace Gallery in November, 2014. And two new video works for the July group show Vital Signs at Blindside in Melbourne, and Curating Feminism at Sydney College of the Arts Gallery in October 2014. FCACheartsJogja was an invaluable experience for me, an Australian artists, and I am excited about how this program will developed in the future.”

Born in Suva, Fiji Islands Salote Tawale moved to Melbourne, Australia with her family in the late 1970’s. Tawale is of Anglo-Australian and Fijian decent. Salote has completed an undergraduate study at RMIT University in Media Arts and a Masters in Fine Art coursework; she is currently engaged in a Master of Fine Art by research at the Sydney College of the Arts.

Over the past 10 years her creative practice has explored gender identity and Western cultural values mediated by photography and video, whereby the self is represented through the performance of archetypal and stereotypical signifiers from popular-culture.

Tawale’s works generally take the form of video, photography, installation, drawing and performance.

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