Birthday Suite

Footscray Community Arts Centre was built on the principles of creativity, diversity, activism and democracy. The Birthday Suite will honour these original principles through a series of curated and community engaged initiatives. We want to mark FCAC’s 40th birthday year as an important and historical milestone for one of Australia’s earliest community arts and cultural development organisations and a moment in time, as we move into a new era for the organisation and contemporary community arts and cultural development practice in Australia.

Over 40 years, FCAC has successfully worked with the communities of Melbourne’s west across a range of programs and initiatives with a range of creative, social, economic, political and cultural outputs. FCAC has engaged more than 2 000 000 participants and visitors over the past decades.

The Birthday Suite is a series of curated projects and initiatives that aim to:

  • Acknowledge and engage the inter-generational and intercultural connections inspired by FCAC and the people who have been instrumental in the development of the organisation
  • Celebrate and showcase the rich and diverse history of FCAC
  • Digitise past and present archives, stories, characters and commentary, in and around FCAC and invite community to be part of a democratic archiving process, contributing significant items to the archive and taking away a gift.
  • Engage past, current and future founders, leaders, staff, participants, community groups, cultural groups and industry in the place, stories and creative expression that make FCAC what it is.

Postcards From Forever

As part of our 40th Birthday Celebrations, Footscray Community Arts Centre is collecting stories from the people, artists and communities that have contributed to the history of one of Australia’s leading community engaged arts organisation.

Write a message, create an artwork and share your story – on display during our Birthday Party Event, 8 November 2014 at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Click here to share your FCAC story!


A 40th birthday media backgrounder can be found here.


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