Double Take Workshop Notes

Double Take Workshop Notes:
1. To attend this workshop each participant is asked to please submit a photograph of themselves from a time in their lives they recall as being of significance. The photograph needs to be at least 10 years ago (but the further back the better- just make sure you can talk about the experience.)
2. Please  email a scanned copy of the original photograph or post a photocopy of the original photograph by Friday 18 September. This is to ensure that Ponch and Samara can properly prepare for the re-staging.
Samara Hersch
Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland Street
Footscray Victoria, Australia 3011
3. It is preferred that the photograph is only of you (and not a group photograph.) This is to ensure we can see you clearly.
4. Please do not wear make up on the day.
5. If for whatever reason you do not have any photographs, you are still welcome to attend. You will need to bring a significant memory you can recount from at least 10 years ago.

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