Chinese Restaurant Playground

Chinese Restaurant Playground
Exhibition Date: 12 June—15 September 2024

Launch Date: 29 June 2024, 2—4pm
Event Information

Chinese Restaurant Playground by Steffie Yee 余淑婷, is an exhibition about childhood, imaginative play, and finding joy within the frenetic settings of her parents’ Chinese restaurant.

The exhibition presents a multimedia collection of finished works, and works in progress, exploring the artist’s experience growing up in the regional NSW town of Branxton. Through multilingual animations, videos, illustrations and photographs, Steffie seeks to humanise the people behind the ‘local Chinese restaurant’, whose stories risk being lost due to language barriers and a long record of cultural history that predominantly spotlights Anglo-Celtic and European migration – particularly in regional Australian narratives.

“Having served four generations of customers for over 40 years, my parents’ Chinese restaurant, Yee’s, was the backdrop of my childhood. From rollerblading on the tiles through the restaurant, using pot lids as cymbals, making play dough from spring roll pastry batter, and riding a motorbike in the yard behind the restaurant, this exhibition is an artistic documentation of my memories as a child of Malaysian-Chinese restaurant owners in Branxton.”

– Steffie Yee 余淑婷

Steffie Yee 余淑婷 has been part of our our Residence program – designed to provide a supportive environment for independent artists, collectives, and small to medium-sized organisations to cultivate a vibrant artistic community in the western suburbs.

This exhibition is the outcome of a year within the historic Henderson House studios, where Steffie Yee 余淑婷 was able to elevate their artistic practice and embark on new creative endeavours.

Please join us for the opening event of this exhibition on Saturday 29 June 2024, 2—4pm.

Exhibition Date: 12 June—15 September 2024
Opening Event Date:
29 June 2024, 2—4pm

Presented by Footscray Community Arts with support from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS).

Date & Times

Wednesday 12 June 9:30 am

Sunday 15 September 4:00 pm

Entrance Gallery & Gabriel Gallery

While our heritage building and outdoor spaces pose challenges, we’re actively seeking solutions and value your input. Our warehouse venues are wheelchair accessible, and we offer assistance for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech impairments.

Meet the Artist
  • Steffie Yee 余淑婷
    Steffie Yee 余淑婷

    Steffie Yee 余淑婷 is an animation director and illustrator from Hunter Valley, NSW, blending digital and mixed-media in her work, including stop-motion and 2D & 3D animation. Her creative drive is fueled by her background in music and her Malaysian-Chinese heritage, leading to her work’s appearance in international film festivals, public installations, and online platforms like Vimeo Staff Picks. Beyond her art, Steffie has contributed to projects for major entities like ABC and Warner Music.

    Steffie has been an Artist in Residence in 2023, and we are continuing to support her to develop her first solo exhibition in 2024.