Mural Making

Mural Making
Every Saturday: 6 May—24 June 2023, 11—11:50am
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Ready to show off your glorious artwork? Join us in the creation of a one-of-a-kind public gallery that will transport people into the worlds and stories of your imagination!

Over 8 sessions, you will explore ideas that are important to you while experimenting with different artistic mediums (drawings, collage, painting).

You will learn how to work with and refine an idea, write an artist’s statement, and curate a collection. And the best part is that together, we will create a collaborative mural that tells the story of your artworks, so that people who visit Footscray Community Arts can admire your wonderful work! 

Age range:  6—12

What you will learn: How to work with ideas in lots of different ways, how to explore different mediums, collaboration and curation, and how to explain your work to other people. 

What materials you will get: We will provide the arts materials. 

What you need to bring: Ideas or materials that inspire you (like books, magazines, dreams…) but only if you feel like it – we will find lots of inspiration. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting a bit of paint or glue on, a water bottle and snack if you need it.

Weekly schedule:

Week 1: Inspiration! We will look inside and outside ourselves for inspiration, gathering a bundle of ideas and then trying some of them out with quick sketches.

Week 2: Drawing! We will use drawing to explore one of our ideas from our ‘ideas bundle.’ You might create a portrait, a landscape, a cartoon or something totally different. 

Week 3: Painting! This week we crack open the paints for an exploration of ideas through colours, shapes, and form.  

Week 4: Collage! Using found images (and copies of our work from previous weeks) we will approach our ideas by sticking things together to create something new.

Week 5: Artist’s choice! Using your favorite medium and idea from the weeks before (or perhaps combining some), we will develop your artwork further into a piece that will end up on the gallery wall.

Week 6: Polishing! This week is all about finessing our pieces, so they are gallery-ready.

Week 7: Curation! We’ll decide on the layout of our gallery wall and write some artist’s statements to be included as an interactive QR code that visitors can enjoy.

Week 8: Gallery! It all comes together this week as we paste up our artwork and share our work with each other and the public. 


Date & Times

Every Saturday: 6 May—24 June 2023, 11—11:50am

ArtLife Studio

One class: $27


Please get in touch if you have any questions: sara.k@footscrayarts.com 

Meet the Artists
  • Laura Hartnell
    Laura Hartnell

    Laura Hartnell (she/they) is a community artist, writer, and educator who has worked with children and young people for over a decade, bringing their creative ideas to life. She worked for five years as a facilitator with 100 Story Building, a Footscray-based creative writing centre for children, where she was lucky to go on daily adventures making comics, writing stories, and slaying dragons in classrooms in Melbourne’s west.

    Laura works as a freelance writer and facilitator, teaching at Monash University while also studying psychotherapy. She has a PhD in theatre and performance studies, where she researched ways that performance can be helpful in integrating trauma and creating opportunities for healing through community.