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Rebel Stepz Creative Online Classes


FCAC has teamed up with local arts group Rebel Stepz to bring you a series of creative online classes. Stay tuned – we’ll be updating this page as new tutorials are released.

Current Classes (Pre-Recorded)

Popping for Beginners

This is a fun introduction to popping. Popping is a dance style that started in the late 1960s and 70s, characterised by sudden tensing and releasing of the muscles (‘hitting’) to music beats. Think short, sharp moves that are almost robotic. The class begins with a short warm-up, followed by basic arm and chest movements. You will be guided through ‘hitting and releasing’ your muscles to create a ‘pop’. Things will heat up as we move onto simple leg movements and footwork to complete the style.

Suitable for all ages. We advise that children under 6 should be supervised.

COST: $11


Once we have received your booking, you will receive an email notification and access to the video within the hour.


Ballet Move for Beginners

Ballet Move is an easy-to-follow fitness class for all. It is facilitated by Rebel Stepz Director, Sheena Chundee. Sheena is a former Choreographer and Ballerina with The Royal Ballet (UK).

The session begins with a gentle warm up. We then move on to barre-inspired techniques that help you to tone, strengthen, and lengthen muscles.

Exercises are low-impact which means there’s no stress on the joints and we take plenty of time to stretch in between exercises allowing you to catch your breath and release any tension. We also integrate mat work exercises which means we activate different areas of our bodies and learn how to strengthen and use muscles in different ways.

COST: $8.50


Once we have received your booking, you will receive an email notification and access to the video within the hour.

Past Classes

Intro to Popping & Robotics

Learn how to dance like a robot! This 10-minute video tutorial will take you through the basics of popping and robotic dance. Learn some basic arm movements, simple upper body techniques and easy-to-follow footwork.

Intro to Pastel Painting

Learn the basics of pastel painting. This 20-minute tutorial will take you through the basics of pastel painting in order to create a Post-Impressionist-inspired sunset. This is an easy-to-follow session, perfect for beginners and all ages. Learn how to paint, blend, and correct.

Beginners Acting for Camera

Guided by Cam Faull, learn basic acting for camera techniques and master one of the ‘5 Ws’ – who are you talking to? Cam will take you through a short scene, explaining the art of conversation-based acting.

Presented in partnership with Rebel Stepz. 

1- Kunal Kharva teaching Intro to Popping & Robotics. Image courtesy of Rebel Stepz. 

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