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Victoria Together: Creative Workshops for Adults


Join the FCAC community and local artists to learn about the creative process of their work and gain insightful tips on tapping into your creativity.

These online workshops are presented as part of Victoria Together, a dedicated platform for connecting Victorians to our state’s best digital experiences and activities.

Watch the full series for free on the Victoria Together website. 

Possum Cloak Making and Teaching Through Art with Vicki Couzens

A prominent artist and arts worker, Vicki Couzens discusses how art, life, work, and vocation are all synonymous in her multi-faceted practice.  Watch it now

Storytelling with Santilla Chingaipe

Ever critical, creative and inspiring, this workshop with Santilla Chingaipe is perfect for anyone who feels they have something to say.  Watch it now

Karma Dance: Make Bad Art

Karma Dance’s Govind Pillai and Raina Peterson talk about their creative processes and share their five top maxims in making new work.  Watch it now

Kamarra Bell-Wykes: An Artist’s Guide to a Manifesto

Join Kamarra, a Yagerra and Butchulla woman, as she reflects on her career as a theatre and performance maker and shares insightful tips for artists wanting to chart their future career path. Watch it now

Writing Poetry with Darlene Silva Soberano

In this class, we are shown precise and personal insights into how Darlene Silva Soberano edited a published poem entitled ‘My Father the Sky’. Watch it now

Creative Workshops for Adults is supported by Victoria Together. 

All images by Jackie Dixon. 


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