Weaving Sustainable Culture

Rose Garden

Boon Wurrung artist Mitch Mahoney and Yorta Yorta artist Donna Blackall present Weaving Sustainable Culture, a sculpture exhibition inspired by the Kulin Nation waterway protectors, the Balayang (Fruit Bat) and the Waa (Crow). Culminating in the form of canoes and woven fishing nets, these eco-sculptures were built by over 200 community members during educational workshops with the…


Wrapped in Culture


In this international exchange, Indigenous artists and Elders present contemporary versions of the Australian-Aboriginal possum skin cloak and the North American-Aboriginal buffalo robe. The two distinct, yet similar artistic traditions are historically held for both sacred and practical purposes. Wrapped in Culture was developed in a three-week workshop at Ottawa Art Gallery in 2017. You…


Entrance Gallery

Through Citizen, FONI seeks to normalise the place of South Sudanese communities within Australian society. In developing Citizen,  FONI’s process involved inviting South Sudanese Australians to take part in conversations while being photographed for their portraits. Stories were shared about diasporic feelings of longing to belong, of achieving dreams, of racial issues, the generational disconnects, communication challenges, the…

House of Mother Tongue, House of Other Tongue

Roslyn Smorgon Gallery 45 Moreland Street, Footscray, VIC

Bấm vào đây để nhận bản dịch tiếng Việt (click here to get the Vietnamese translation) An exploration of place, language and migrant-settler positionalities, House of Mother Tongue will be presented at Footscray Community Arts, whilst a second exhibition, House of Other Tongue, will be presented at West Space Inc. Created particularly for the Vietnamese…

Electric Man

Gabriel Gallery 45 Moreland Street, Footscray, VIC

Inspired by the qualities of Superman, Batman and Spiderman, Electric Man is a tracks worker who becomes a superhero when he encounters an electric fuse box at a local railway station. Electric Man is the brainchild of Diego Pizarro, a comic-book artist who is currently undertaking an ArtLife Residency at Footscray Community Arts.  Loosely based…