ArtLife – Expression of Interest Open

ArtLife has workshop and mentorships available now – JOIN US

Do you have a disability? Are you interested in the arts? Do you make art?

ArtLife is FCAC’s participant-led, arts program for people with disability. Participant led means that the artists drive the direction of the program. We are now inviting new artists and participants into the program! No experience is necessary, however an interest in arts is required.

Participating artists come together weekly to learn new skills, create new work, be in community and build the capacity of their surrounding communities to hear the voices of people with disability. Workshops are run by professional artists who facilitate the space based on the interests and needs of the group. Workshops are held between Tuesday – Friday in visual art, performance, music, digital media, animation, hospitality, photography and movement.

The program provides participants with the opportunity to explore the arts, learn new skills, develop an artistic practice, make friends and form community. Some of the artists in the program consider this their place of work, some a form of study and others do it for leisure. Participants have an opportunity to take part in some of Footscray Community Arts Centre’s major projects, working with other artists and local community groups to present work.

It is important that you enjoy working in groups and are interested in learning new things.

If you have an established art practice or a particular vision, you may be interested in our mentorship program. Mentoring is an opportunity to have an individual project/ outcome focus, providing artists support to extend their artistic practice and body of work. Artists are paired with a suitable mentor to work on a project.

FCAC is an NDIS Registered organisation.

Please contact Amy McMurtrie, ArtLife Program and Inclusion Coordinator for all NDIS funding enquires and to express your interest! 9362 8879 or amy@footscrayarts.com

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