FOLA Profile: Verbatim

Arts group the indirect Object is debuting Verbatim at Footscray Community Arts Centre, as part of the upcoming Festival of Live Art (FOLA). Verbatim examines intergenerational mental health through a series of art installations placed throughout the FCAC Warehouse.

Verbatim presents three intimate stories of mental illness through the lived experience of three family members. Told through a guided walk, the work journeys into the heart of life with clinical depression and offers audiences insight into a family’s personal experience of living with mental health.

the indirect Object is an award-winning puppetry and experimental arts group creating experiences in non-traditional spaces that are accessible and inclusive. We spoke to creators and performers Michael Bevitt and Gabriel Partington about the motivation behind Verbatim.

‘In sharing our experiences of mental illness across three generations, we found each story was different, but the deeper we dug, the more familiar they became,’ they say.

‘Depression is like emotional tinnitus and we often feel alone in our depression.’

‘This work questions whether there is strength to be found in knowing everyone feels alone and misunderstood in their own way,’ Michael and Gabriel say.

The installation has a strong focus on the challenges of men living with mental illness – a present-day issue that is prevalent in Australia and around the world.

Past projects of the indirect Object range from arts health residencies in secure dementia wards, live art object theatre, interpretive puzzle rooms, giant roving puppets, and exploratory workshops, to durational performances, and experimental installations.

Hosted by FCAC, Arts House and Theatre Works, FOLA brings an unmissable program of immersive and interactive art experiences to inner Melbourne from 13-25 March.

Verbatim is showing at FCAC on Thursday 22 to Saturday 24 March, from 6pm, as part of FOLA 2018. Click here for more information and bookings.

1- Image courtesy of the indirect Object.

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