Future Reset Producer

Ruth Nyaruot Ruach

Ruth Nyaruot Ruach is the Future Reset Project Coordinator at Footscray Community Arts. She’s also a South-Sudanese multidisciplinary artist, cultural curator and community arts worker. Nyaruot uses art to understand herself, explore elements of her surroundings, heal, liberate herself and validate her blackness. Her art practice is centered on understanding her cultural identity and what it means to be a black woman on stolen country.

She is a founding member of two artist-led organisation/collective: Next In Colour and Way Over There (WOT collective). Nyaruot uses art making as an ancestral practice and as a vehicle for building resilience in creating sustainable practices and processes to empower her community. She believes as a third culture kid, it’s her obligation to shape avenues and pathways within the creative fields for the generations of African artists wanting to create and reclaim their narratives.