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ACE House Collective

ACE is a form of art laboratories combined several young artists 2000s era, on the basis of similarity of thought and ideas in the works as well as the background of the same artistic pattern. Consistent visual style and popular visual consumerism influences the evolving youth culture. Such as music, posters, cartoons, movies, toys, skateboard, bike culture, graffiti, and comics. We believe in popular culture as the main source of resistance and in the work. And a response to the development of information flow in the global art discourse. Where we were born and live in it. This phenomenon which we believe, that art is not limited to working in a studio space, but also cross-bred in other disciplines. www.acehousecollective.com

ACE adalah laboratorium seni yang terbentuk dari gabungan beberapa seniman muda atas dasar kesamaan pemikiran dan ide dalam berkarya. ACE House Collective meyakini bahwa kesenian tidak sebatas berkarya dalam ruang studio, namun juga persilangannya dalam disiplin ilmu lain.