Emerging Cultural Leaders 2014

Bundit Puangthong

Bundit Puangthong is a contemporary Thai artist based in Melbourne. His art, emerging from in-between’ cultures, fuses his training in traditional Thai art with a modern western-based art practice. Bundit utilises a range of techniques from stencils to detailed brushwork to create large, texturally layered paintings that highlight his interest in the contemporary practices of graffiti and pop art.

Mixing new meaning from sources like religious iconography, contemporary corporate advertising and the personal, internal dialogue that accompanies studio work, Bundit encourages us to discover and enjoy the multiplicity of meanings and commonalities that weave together to create our cultural fabric.

Website: www.bundit.com.au

Bundit’s 2014 ECL Project:
I am developing a network of Asian artists to raise the profi le of Asian art in Victoria. The network will be a place to make connections with other artist, share ideas and resources and develop support structures that would help Asian artists access mainstream opportunities. It was really important to me that my ECL presentation symbolised the strength and pride of Asian cultures. I think it is particularly relevant to the Footscray community. I wanted a visual representation of this for all of the community to see. The mythological character, Hanuman (Monkey Magic) symbolizes this in many Asian cultures.