Ez Eldin Deng

Ez Eldin Deng was born in South Sudan. In 2004 he arrived in Australia/Melbourne with his family. As English was not his first language he was very determined to extent his English vocabulary by any means.

Since then he has refined his natural ability to tell stories through rhymes, theatre, film and storytelling as he still continues building his network within African and other multicultural communities in Australia.

Ez Eldin Deng is a talented man with multiple skills especially in filmmaking, acting and rapping with African Hip hop artist with Future of Rap under Creative Rebellion Youth.

Before that he was in Knight Knights Hip Hop group who were developed out of the Centres ID Check project in 2005 at Footscray Community Arts Centre. As “EZU” he has been involved in dozens of theatre projects with Victoria College of the Arts, Mutilcultural Art Victoria, Western Edge Youth Arts and Playback West Theatre Group.

Ez Eldin is EZU Director / Video Artist Photographer / Soundtrack Producer Canon /Arri Alexa / Sony. Ez Eldin’s infectious flows that weave in and out of English and Arabic dissolve language barriers through a hybrid form of communication. He is also a graduate of FCAC’s Emerging Cultural Leaders program.

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Image by Morgana Jane B