Emerging Cultural Leaders 2016

Fiona Dunne

Fiona Dunne is producer and arts manager from Western Sydney, focused on the development of young and early-career artists across the spectrum of Australian storytelling. She is currently based in Melbourne, where she is the Creative Producer of Express Media, a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing and supporting young writers, editors, and artists.

As an early-career arts manager, Fiona’s career has focused on the production, publication and support of new Australian work across both literature and theatre, working with organisations including Seizure, Playwriting Australia, The Emerging Writers’ Festival, Art + Australia, and Belvoir Street Theatre. She holds a Bachelor or Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies) from the University of Technology Sydney, and was a delegate of the Australia Council’s 2016 India Literature Exploratory, supported by the UNESCO Melbourne City of Literature.

Fiona is interested in working across artforms to collaborate with creative practitioners that can inform and expand the writing process, and is currently working within the Emerging Cultural Leaders program to explore best practice for working within community, with a particular focus in youth arts.

Follow Fiona on Twitter here: twitter.com/ffgeorgie