Emerging Cultural Leaders 2015

Florence Tupuola

Florence ‘FTRIANGLE’ Tupuola is a self-taught Australian contemporary visual artist of Samoan descent, currently lives in Melbourne. She is a commissioned artist who works with clothing, under the name of FTRIANGLE.

A visual artist and a dancer, Florence continues to learn and cherish her cultural background through various art forms. She is a member of the contemporary all-female Samoan dance group, Nesian Pearl in Melbourne. She is a youth member and dance performer of Canberra / Queanbeyan Methodist Youth Group. She is also a supporter of Samoan Victim Support Group and their ongoing work against domestic violence and child abuse.

Florence took part in Footscray Community Arts Centre’s 24 hour installation project, collaborating with Indonesian artist from SURVIVE! Garage. She is also an ambassador for Pacifika Australia, a Canberra-based organisation that creates communal spaces for Pacific Island youth to engage with their culture, people and education.

Florence is passionate about people and their engagement and understanding of contemporary art, how it can help connect people with topics that need to be addressed.