Emerging Cultural Leaders 2015

Jose (Pepe) Inostroza Aqueveque

Jose (Pepe) Inostroza Aqueveque is a Chilean Psychologist, Personal Development Facilitator, Psychodramatist and Actor based in Melbourne. Passionate about movement, sound, emotional expression and communication has sculpted Pepe’s journey.

Pepe’s practice involves performing in contemporary dance, physical theatre and drama. He participated in an ‘on stage research’ about language and education. He worked in Berlin with his company exploring movement, sound and pre-expressive language inside a different cultural context.

Back in Chile, Pepe has been a movement professor, assistant professor in acting, oral expression and clinical psychologist in a variety of universities. As part of the Chilean Alzheimer’s community, Pepe worked with caregivers in their self-care with an emotional approach from a performing arts basis. This program was extended to include meditation and was offered across many regions and communities.

In his individual clinical practices, Pepe incorporates massage, breathing techniques and the use of non-verbal language in integral therapy.