Emerging Cultural Leaders 2017

Manisha Anjali

Manisha Anjali is a poet, painter and performer. Working with women of Oceanian and Indian histories, Manisha’s work is concerned with the hallucinatory dream states they experience as they navigate their folklores, rituals and decolonisation.

Manisha’s pan-Pacific works have appeared in publications Mascara Literary Review, Seizure, IKA Journal and Blackmail Press and Lor Journal. A recipient of a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk, Manisha seeks to work with immigrant communities and encourage poetic and dramatic expression.

Her debut poetry collection, Sugar Kane Woman, is available at www.manishaanjali.com.

‘I have come to know myself, embrace community in its many forms and tune in to the world. Community arts is a labour of love, and creative expression is for everyone.’

1 – Manisha Anjali. Image by Snehargho Ghosh.