Emerging Cultural Leaders 2017

Rachel Iampolski

Rachel Iampolski is a creative producer and arts researcher with a particular interest in place-making through art and site-specific work. Playful and unexpected, Rachel’s work explores the social and political constructs that govern how people function within place, often with the aim of subverting them.

Following a bachelor in Sociology and Contemporary Anthropology, Rachel is currently completing her Masters in Arts and Cultural Management. With experience in festival contexts, community broadcasting and producing space interventions, she creates guerrilla public art projects aiming to disturb how people interact with, and define public and private place.

‘The past six months has brought home just how much critical, real world impact the arts have and the responsibility, as well as the privilege that places on all of us as arts practitioners and facilitators.’

1 – Rachel Iampolski. Image by Snehargho Ghosh.