Emerging Cultural Leaders 2014

Rosie Kilvert

Rosie Kilvert is a practicing visual artist with a preferred medium of paint, she is currently working on a community project ‘Footscray Animated Wall Mural’ as a co-designer and painter. From a background of Indigenous, Wemba Wemba, Gunditjmarra and Italian decent, she was brought onto the mural project to represent the Indigenous creation story of the land of the Kulin nation.

Rosie has worked along side artist Brooke Andrew, assisting him on the filming for his fi lm installation ‘De Anima’ exhibited at Bendigo art gallery in early 2014 as well as artist Maree Clarke assisting the installation of her Clay Cap photographic exhibition held at Bunjilaka, Melbourne Museum in 2013. Rosie wants to further pursue a career in the arts and has a keen interest in working in community to share and exchange culture through art to explore questions of identity and culture.

Rosie’s 2014 ECL Project:
As I want to develop a sense of identity in my community, my idea for the project is to interview a range of people from Footscray and develop a series of stories of their own identity, struggles and their thoughts of Footscray and whether or not they feel they belong with the changes and development happening at the moment. I will extract quotes from their interviews and using a projector, project the quotes directly onto the walls and spaces of Footscray. I will document the process by filming and photographing the process and later exhibit the photos of the projections.