Sudeep Lingamneni

Melbourne-based photographer Sudeep Lingamneni lets his Indian heritage, American upbringing and international ‘citizenship’ inform his work. Part Indian, part American and part Australian, Sudeep Lingamneni is the perfect example of the sort of 21st Century international citizen we are all rapidly becoming, effortlessly bridging dramatically diff erent cultures as he seeks a greater truth through creativity.

Now agied and self-taught photographer, visual designer and music producer, Sudeep spent most of his adult life struggling to fi nd a place to call home. It has been a long road to acceptance of his art and status for Sudeep, one he travelled harder than most.

Website: www.sudeeplingamneni.com

Sudeep’s 2014 ECL Project:
I intend to address the following question: ‘How can Indian-Australian cultural heritage be explored and expressed through current sound art and music techniques?’ The purpose of this project will be to gain new knowledge, partly through practice, for the creation of sound art and experimental music, using on-site recordings and found sound from India and Australia.

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