• Rosina Yuan, Memory Installation, 2019, First Site Gallery
    Rosina Yuan, Memory Installation, 2019, First Site Gallery
Launch Event: Thursday 15 September 2022, 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition Date: September 13 — October 23 2022

Content warning: This exhibition includes strobing effects. To view the exhibition with strobing effects turned off, please see reception.
Event Information

InterPlay, presented through the collaborative efforts of Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA), Curatorial Collective, and Footscray Community Arts, is a playful and community-minded interactive art exhibition with public events. This exhibition invites audiences to experience art in a way that explores our environment, and the themes of gender, time, space, memory and essentialism.

Led by Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) and Curatorial Collective (CC), the project forefronts the participatory works of four artists; Bixiao (Frankie) Zhang, Rosina Yuan, Sherry Liu and Anita She.

Four experimental shorts, selected by the EFFA team, will accompany these works. The selection presents a haunting inspection of the organisational principles which inform how our societal narratives are constructed and inhabited, imploring collective appreciation of our environments, as well as reflection upon the complex relationship we share with our planet.

Content warning: This exhibition includes strobing effects. To view the exhibition with strobing effects turned off, please see reception.

Exhibition Launch
Date: Thursday 15 September, 6:30-8:30pm 2022 (with FONI – Citizen)
Venue: Gabriel Gallery
Join us for the launch event as audiences are invited to experience art in a way that explores our environment, and explores themes of gender, time, space, memory, and essentialism.

Artist Chats – Sherry Liu
Date: Friday 16, 30 September & 7, 14, 21 October, 2-5 pm
Venue: Gabriel Gallery
Head to Footscray Community Arts every Friday to chat with featured artist, Sherry Liu.
No booking required

Public Workshop: The Nomadic Collective – Meeting in a New Time and Space
Date: Saturday 29 October 2022, 2-5pm
Venue: RMIT Campus, Garden Building, CBD
L6, Bldg 10, RMIT University 376-392 Swanston St, VIC 3000
(Entry access from Bowen Street (between Swanston and Russell streets), above the Streat Cafe. Elevator behind Streat Cafe.)
Our daily lives, communities and environments are intertwined with technology, enabling connectivity across time and place. In the information age, how do we make new connections with people and the environment? Using the nomadic collective as a metaphor for multicultural communities and environments, this workshop, led by featured artist Sherry and Shanghai-based artist Su Ye, explores models of community and how cross-cultural art can be sustained, by working with participants to co-create a collage work.

This workshop is part of the Mekong Cultural Hub: Meeting Point 2022.

Book Launch: Sustainable Art in Hong Kong
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This session will invite both Australian and international art practitioners to extend the discussion between EFFA and Artist Co-op, a sustainable art group from Hong Kong, on the connection between art and contemporary environmental issues in the newly published book, Sustainable Art in Hong Kong.

Artists: Anita She, Bixiao (Frankie) Zhang, Rosina Yuan, and Sherry Liu
Featuring Shorts: A Demonstration, Petrichor, The Pit, Wishing Well
Curator: Wilson Yeung, Curatorial Collective
Producer: Katherine Lee, Environmental Film Festival Australia

Launch Event: Thursday 15 September 2022, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Exhibition Date: September 13 — October 23 2022
Venue: Gabriel Gallery

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


This project is presented by Environmental Film Festival Australia, Footscray Community Arts, and Curatorial Collective, with support from Artists Co-op and Mekong Cultural Hub.

Date & Times

Tuesday 13 September 9:30 am

Sunday 23 October 5:00 pm

Gabriel Gallery

Footscray Community Arts is a wheelchair accessible venue. 


Meet the Artists
  • Anita She
    Anita She

    Anita She is an emerging contemporary artist living in Australia and China. She had four-year academic training in theatre art during her undergraduate period and then completed the Master program in Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW in 2020. Currently, Anita is an HDR student at RMIT University.

    In the recent research, Anita focuses on interdisciplinary research in performance art, sociology and anthropology (autoethnography) to discuss her own’s cultural identity as a member of a minority group in Southwest China and expound on the significant traditions. Through her practice methods such as walking, cooking and planting a variety of buckwheat, she digs into emotional connections among individual stories and collective memories, which are embedded into the natural landscape and ancient philosophy.

    IG: @shemeihuizi
    Facebook: She Meihuizi

  • Bixiao (Frankie) Zhang
    Bixiao (Frankie) Zhang

    Bixiao Zhang is a digital artist and Ph.D. candidate at RMIT University, her practice-led research, a fluid entity that she termed “The ElectroPoetics”, explores a cross-pollination of eco-poetic, post-humanist readings of Emily Dickinson and aspects of Buddhism,  for guiding performative engagements with the emergent subjectivities of the digital environment. Bixiao mainly engaged in public art projects and residencies in the Asia Pacific, such as Hong Kong Cattle Depot Art Village (2017), JMMK #12  media festival Indonesia (2020), and Hua Niao Island International Art Festival, China (2021). These projects are interested in the influence of the digital environment’s emergent subjectivities on a specific physical site. Bixiao won the 2021 Dean’s Award for her Master of Fine Art project at RMIT University and held a Bachelor of Media Arts at Flinders University. Her latest project in 2022 includes group exhibitions at Blindside Mobile (Melbourne), an upcoming project at Testing Grounds(Melbourne), and a research residency at Posthumanist Art Network (Sanfransico).

    Website: www.the-electropoetics.com
    IG: @the_electropoetics

  • Rosina Yuan
    Rosina Yuan

    Rosina is a New Zealand artist of Chinese descent who works across drawing, painting, digital mediums, and installation to explore modes of interactivity in both public and private spaces. Rosina moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2017 and completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at RMIT University. She is continuing her artistic practice as a PhD candidate at RMIT University, her research investigates different modes of spatial relationships through artistic practices of public projections and augmented reality, and virtual reality by working with local and natural environments.

    Website: rosinayuan.com
    IG: @rosina_y


  • Sherry Liu
    Sherry Liu

    Sherry Liu is a current PhD candidate in the School of Art, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Sherry’s artistic practice investigates how affective engagement operates for rebuilding connections among nature, people and the community, and how creative practice illuminates the value of multi-cultural communities. Her works focus on affect, socially engagement, community reshaping, exploring the relational aesthetics and connective aesthetics to challenge the public to reconsider our community and environment.

    Recently, Sherry collaborated with the art director of the Huaniao Island International Public Art Festival and initiated the socially engaged art project on the Island. She is exploring how multicultural communities live together and adjust to the new community environment. She pursues affective dynamics among people, community and the environment in her social practice, which is impelled by her affection for the natural environment, and a desire of perceiving life and build connections with others. Her texts have appeared in the Public Art Journal (China) and Journal of Artistic Research.

    IG: @sherry_yeliu
    Sherry Liu

  • Su Ye - Guest Speaker for Public workshop – The Nomadic Collective: Meeting in a New Time and Space
    Su Ye - Guest Speaker for Public workshop – The Nomadic Collective: Meeting in a New Time and Space

    Su Ye, born in 1988, is from Inner Mongolia. She studied Architectural Design at The University of Seoul in Korea. In 2021, Su Ye was invited by Lim Young Cheol, the Architect of Huaniao Island/Artistic Director of the Huaniao Island International Public Art Festival 2021, to come to Huaniao Island to take family portraits of the elderly, with Lim as the initiator and Su Ye as the facilitator. Today, the Inner Mongolian girl has fully adapted to life on the island, carrying her camera every day to capture precious moments of family reunions for the island’s elderly. Compared to the usual tourist photos, her photos of the island are more focused on the atmosphere of the fishing village, the island climate, and the aboriginal culture.

  • Wilson Yeung, Curator, Curatorial Collective
    Wilson Yeung, Curator, Curatorial Collective

    Wilson Yeung Chun Wai is an artist-curator, researcher and creative producer. He is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University. Wilson is a collaborator of Independent Curators International and an alumnus of Shanghai Curator Lab at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University. Wilson’s special interest lies in collective curatorial practices and Asian contemporary art in an Australian context. His practice-based research ‘Curating In-Between’ focuses on exploring the role of curators and curatorial practices in order to develop collective curatorial strategies and frameworks. This research articulates curatorial practice that interrogates the role of a curator in facilitating cross-cultural collaborations as a ‘cultural collaborator’.

  • Katherine Lee, Producer, Environmental Film Festival Australia
    Katherine Lee, Producer, Environmental Film Festival Australia

    Katherine Lee is a Hong Kong-born, Naarm/Melbourne-based arts administrator, creative producer, and fundraiser. She is passionate about facilitating the connection between art and society by creating cross-artform programs. She has organised projects such as community art festivals, school programs, theatre performances, tours, and exhibitions. Katherine is also an active creative business entrepreneur and enthusiastic about advocating financial sustainability for arts organisations. Katherine co-founded and chaired the Arts Managers Society at the University of Melbourne and was the Future Founder Scholar at StartSpace, State Library Victoria. She completed her Master’s study at the University of Melbourne and was listed on Dean’s list with the Melbourne Graduate Scholarship. Katherine currently works in development roles in the Gasworks Arts Park, Flinders Quartet, and the Mentone Public Library. She is also the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Environmental Film Festival Australia, and the Melbourne Coordinator at the Japanese Film Festival in Australia.

  • Curatorial Collective, Co-Presenter
    Curatorial Collective, Co-Presenter

    Curatorial Collective (CC) is an artist-led, not-for-profit organisation founded by a team of passionate RMIT postgraduate artists and curators as part of a student initiative. Led by innovative multicultural art practitioners, CC aims to help emerging artists develop and contribute their potential to the community, and enhance cultural diversity and inclusion. CC seeks to achieve these goals through multidisciplinary projects and collaborations for emerging and CALD artists.

    Website: https://www.curatorialcollective.org/
    IG: @curatorialcollective.cc
    FB: Facebook group



  • Environmental Film Festival Australia, Co-Presenter
    Environmental Film Festival Australia, Co-Presenter

    Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) is a 100% volunteer-run organisation that showcases ground-breaking cinema, whilst exploring the relationship between humans and their environments. EFFA aims to challenge the way people think about the natural world and inspires people to discuss, explore and act on important environmental issues.

    EFFA hosts an annual film festival in October, along with year-round programming including online screenings and an environmental arts live stream. EFFA also presents an array of films including features, shorts, documentaries and experimental films. EFFA showcases impactful talks and provides audiences with alternate avenues for exploration of environmental cinema.

    Website: https://www.effa.org.au/
    IG: @envirofilmfest


  • Artists Co-op, Supporter
    Artists Co-op, Supporter

    Artists Co-op is a not-for-profit arts organisation founded and run by artists in Hong Kong. Dedicated to supporting artists in their creative endeavours, they also strive to promote sustainable art and development through art programs, education and research. Artist Co-op provides valuable art programs that aim to improve the living quality of the community, empower the underprivileged, and promote cross-generation and cross-sectoral collaboration.

    Website: https://www.artistscoophk.org/
    ID: artistcoop

  • Mekong Cultural Hub, Supporter
    Mekong Cultural Hub, Supporter

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