About our Schools Program

Our Schools Program is run by our education team, who have previous teaching experience and will work closely with you and your school community.

Our education program prioritises cross-curriculum learning within the STEAM, Humanities, English and Arts streams. Through inquiry based workshops, students develop critical thinking skills and apply their knowledge in hands-on and creative ways.

In our artist-led programs, students observe the benefits of diverse voices and representation within communities, inspiring them to become active participants in their cultural surroundings and local communities. 

Educational Workshops

Our ‘A Day in the West’ Educational Workshops adopt a flexible framework that accommodates individual learning needs, student interests and can connect with the curriculum priorities of participating schools.

‘A Day in the West’

Levels: F-10

Duration: Whole Day excursion (up to 6 hours including a lunch and recess break)

Students uncover the history of Footscray and the diverse communities that contribute to its vibrant culture. In this facilitator-led walking tour, students explore the Indigenous, natural, industrial and social histories of the area and are encouraged to look deeper into the past, present and possible futures of their environments. This program concludes with a creative workshop at the Art Centre, in which students apply their knowledge through various art making methods. 

Educators can select one of the following VELS and ACARA aligned learning areas to inform the content of their workshop:

Areas of learning

  • First Nations Perspectives
  • Responding to the Climate Crisis
  • Waves of Migration and Personal Narratives

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Community Collaborations

We have delivered many funded, community-engaged learning projects in collaboration with local artists and schools. 

During 2018-2021, we were a recipient of the Strategic Partnerships Program grant from the Department of Education and Training. We partnered with local organisation 100 Story Building to deliver learning experiences which were tied to our artistic program as well as VELS, to over 1000 students from Melbourne’s West.

In 2020, with the Creative Learning Partnerships grant, we collaborated with The Indirect Object and Western English Language School to produce a student-led exhibition and learning resources, Neon Stories. You can find out more by watching the videos below.

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