Luminary Tales: Illuminating Storytelling Through Shadows

Years P-6: Join us for an unforgettable journey where imagination knows no bounds, and shadows dance to tales untold. Led by artist and puppeteer Opal, students explore story telling essentials through shadow puppetry. 

Step into the magical world of shadow puppetry with puppeteer extraordinaire Opal**.   

In this workshop, students explore storytelling essentials—character creation, plot development, and teamwork—through the captivating artform of puppetry. Working in small groups, your students will learn to breathe life into their characters, mastering the interplay of light and shadow to enrich their storytelling experience. 

**Artists are subject to availability. Substitutes artists available for this workshop. 


  • Meeting and learning from artist and puppeteer Opal 
  • Exploring light and shade as artistic tools 
  • Developing essential storytelling components such as narrative, characterisation and scenery. 
  • Learning through creative play and performance
  • Enhancing creative thinking skills 

Duration: 2 hours
Cost:  $350* (Capacity of 30 students)
*Schools with <1000 SFOE ranking are eligible for subsidised rates.   

Themes and Ideas:
Art Making Processes
Creative Writing
English and Literacy Skills
Personal Narratives

Curriculum Connections:

To book this excursion, submit an enquiry form or email schools@footscrayarts.com.