About the Program

At Footscray Community Arts, we understand the importance of supporting artists through all stages of their creative practice. That’s why we provide complimentary studio spaces to independent artists, collectives, and small-medium organisations to foster a thriving artistic community in the west. 

Take advantage of our heritage Henderson House studios to advance your practice and create new works. As a resident, you’ll become part of the Footscray Community Arts community. This includes access to artist studios, a fully equipped podcast studio, galleries, a rehearsal studio, kitchenette facilities, on site café, free parking, and of course access to our supportive staff.  

RESIDENCE is right for you if: 

  • You are an artist or arts worker from a community underrepresented in mainstream arts and culture. Footscray Community Arts works with artists from Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, disability and LGBTQIA+ communities. 
  • Your practice or project aligns with Footscray Community Arts values and goals
  • You will access your studio regularly – we want to offer the studios to people who will make use of them. 
  • You want to build relationships with other artists and engage with the Footscray Community Arts program of events and community. 
  • You will organise your own time, projects, materials, equipment, and production support. 
  • You do not need a wet area for your practice – this may exclude people working with ceramics, and some paints 
  • You are happy to present outcomes from your time in RESIDENCE, e.g. development showings, works in progress exhibitions, studio talks, workshops. 

Please read through our RESIDENCE FAQs for further details. 

Selection Criteria 
Applications will be assessed against the following criteria: 

  1. Project idea; 
  2. Capacity of the artist/s to deliver the idea  
  3. Alignment with Footscray Community Arts values 

Submit your application 
Applications for RESIDENCE 2023 are due by Monday 20 February 

There are three ways for you to submit your applications: 

  1. Apply in writing: simply complete the online application form here
  2. Apply by audio or video: Pre-record yourself answering these questions and upload them via this link; or 
  3. Apply via phone or video call: Arrange a time for a phone or video call application by emailing aamer@footscrayarts.com with ‘RESIDENCE’ in the subject heading. 

Please note that we accept applications in languages other than English – Footscray Community Arts will have your application translated. 

Have a question? 
If you have any questions about RESIDENCE or the application process, please contact Producer Aamer Ahmed at aamer@footscrayarts.com. You can supply your phone number via email if you would prefer to discuss via phone. 

Meet RESIDENCE alumni


What spaces can I access as part of my application?  
Footscray Community Arts currently has a number of lockable studios in Henderson House – these will be offered to successful resident/s for a specific period of time. In some cases, studios will be shared with other artists in RESIDENCE depending on the requirements and practices. Gabriel Gallery, a podcast/sound studio, and rehearsal room will also be available for shorter residencies.  

Can I access my studio 24/7?  
No. Access to RESIDENCE studios is aligned with Footscray Community Arts staffed hours, 7 days a week. As a public space, Footscray Community Arts is responsible for ensuing safety of residents, tenants and staff onsite, and consistency in security protocols across the precinct. If there are times you require late or early access, this may be accommodated as part of your proposal, and may attract fees associated with staffing and security.  

Can I request a residency in the theatre?  
Yes. But Footscray Community Arts theatre and rehearsal studios are used by many groups, so if you require use of the theatre in your proposal, please specify the length of time you require access.   

Can I request multiple spaces?  
We understand that you might need access to the theatre or gallery space for a short period as part of a longer studio residency. Please specify any requests like this within your application .

Do the studios come furnished?  
Each studio will be furnished with chairs and one or two desks depending on size and number of expected occupants. You will need to bring any additional furniture, equipment and materials you require and remove these upon the close of your residency.  

Do any studios have a wet space?  
No. If you require a wet area for ceramics, paints etc., this may not be the residency for you.  

Are RESIDENCE spaces accessible? What are the dimensions?   
Please see the Henderson House floor plan. We will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have to access the space.  

Will I receive production support for my residency project?  
No, you will need to be self-sufficient. Footscray Community Arts is unable to provide free production support, equipment or materials as part of the RESIDENCE program. We can discuss staffing or equipment hire fees if necessary.  

What are my responsibilities as a resident?  
You will be provided with a RESIDENCE Handbook and induction at the start of your residency. This will outline the ‘house rules’ and relevant procedures. Some basic responsibilities include treating those around you with respect, locking your studio when you are not in it, not consuming alcohol in your studios and complying with the security directions from Footscray Community Arts venue staff.   

How long can I stay in residence?   
Studio residencies are for 4-9 month. If you’re interested in undertaking a residency for longer than 9 months, email  aamer@footscrayarts.com to discuss before submitting your application.   

Can I extend my residency?  
Footscray Community Arts aims to make this program dynamic and accessible, which means that we may not be able to extend your residency in every instance.  

Can I do a showing/exhibition of my residency project?   
Yes! Residents are expected to do a showing of work-in-progress (or finished work!) at Footscray Community Arts towards the end of your residency. We’ll work out the logistics of how and where this takes place together, but please note that you will need to coordinate your own equipment, materials and any tech/production support you require.   

Can I submit an application for RESIDENCE if I have a presentation confirmed at another venue for my project?  
Yes. Footscray Community Arts understands that artists have been impacted by COVID-19 and we want to be as open and supportive as we can be.   

I have other questions not covered here. Who can I contact?  
Email Footscray Community Arts Producer Aamer Ahmed at aamer@footscrayarts.com. You can send through your phone number and they’ll call you if you’d prefer to speak on the phone.   


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Have a Question? 

If you have any questions about RESIDENCE, please contact Producer Aamer Ahmed at aamer@footscrayarts.com. You can supply your phone number via email if you would prefer to discuss via phone.