About the Program

Sometimes, it takes a little support to get where you need to be. Through RESIDENCE we offer free studio space to independent artists, collectives and small-medium organisations to keep the artist community in the west alive and thriving.

Develop your practice and create new works in the heritage Henderson House studios, and become a part of the Footscray Community Arts community.

Residency spaces include artist studios, a fully equipped podcast studio, galleries, rehearsal studio and theatre space.

Image by Jackie Dixon.

Meet the 2022 Artists and Companies in RESIDENCE
Ahmad Sabra

Melbourne artist Ahmad Sabra identifies as a Lebanese Australian Muslim. His current art practice challenges the complex terrain of nationality, loyalty and faith. In the realm of artistry, Ahmad offers his unique perspective on the world around him and the challenges he encounters daily in understanding a sense of place and belonging. He explores the life of Australian Muslims, tackling stereotypes and biased views that isolates this community as outsiders. Highlighting trends in societal and political influences that is fuelled through fear and panic that Muslims may overpower other minorities, whilst imposing a monolithic Islamic culture onto Australian society. 

Ahmad’s photography has captured the raw footage of the Syrian and Palestinian refugee crisis, documenting the tragedies in real times for the past 10 years. Building on this experience, he has obtained his Master’s in Art- Photography from PSC in 2019. 

Blame the Shadows

Blame the Shadows is a collective made of interdisciplinary artists. Collaborating closely with each other, they employ documentary-based methodologies to tell captivating stories about raw human experiences. Through their moving-image and screen-based practice, they create meditative, character-driven, visually rich and immersive works that explore themes of identity, marginality, and displacement. THE SKY AFTER RAIN is their latest work. A multi-channel, moving-image installation about the stories of queer members of the Iranian diaspora, told through recorded audio interviews, spoken word poetry, and choreographed dance.


Established in 2016, Cinespace supports Victorian screen industry and screen culture by ensuring that it is representative of the broader intercultural community. We work to create greater cultural diversity on screen and behind the scenes. We run skills development and training programs at both a community and early career level, support the development and creation of projects, engage our community in advocacy, broker industry connections and networks, and establish platforms for sharing knowledge, resources and content.

Description Victoria

Unsceneis a project undertaken by Description Victoria Inc – creating accessible and inclusive arts experiences for people who are Blind or have low vision. 

Unscene is a practice-based research process investigating how to make a performing arts rehearsal room accessible to artists who are blind or have low vision. The project will open almost every aspect of developing a performance experience to renegotiation, including concept development, rehearsal process, movement direction and choreography, production design, and the relationship between artist and audience in order to best serve the needs of performers who are blind or have low vision. 

Three participating artists with a lived experience of blindness or low vision – Abbie Madden, Micaela Schmidt, and Olivia Muscat – will be the centre of this process, supported by Creative Producer and Access Facilitator Will McRostie. 

Efren Pamilacan

Efren Pamilacan is a dance maker and independent producer of Filipino decent living on the unceded lands of the Kulin nations. His work crosses cultural and social spheres intersecting between hip-hop culture, underground dance forms and the contemporary arts sector; and aims to create space for new dance communities to thrive. 

As a dancer and dance maker, Efren is a member of Jigsaw Sneakers, director of 9DIMES, founder of City Sessions and Cofounder of Cypher Culture.

As an independent producer, he is currently supporting independent artists / collectives: Lay the Mystic, Saluhan – Filipino contemporary arts collective; and House of Dévine.

Academically, Efren is a graduate of Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) and currently assisting with the integration of Street Dance forms to VCA Dance.

Jonathan Homsey

Jonathan Homsey is a choreographer and curator working from the positionality of as a Queer Person of Colour based on Wurundjeri country. Originally an award winning dancer for crews during the naughties in Southern California, he is humbled to be a community leader in so called Australia for the past decade galvanising people together to dance. From Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo to Melbourne Museum, he specialises in platforming Street and Queer dance forms to cultivate empowerment for sexually and ethnically diverse young people. 


Liyang is a local to global advocacy network that amplifies the call to action of environmental and human rights defenders of Mindanao, Philippines in the struggle for land, livelihood and self-determination. 

We envision a future where all communities can pursuit their economic, social, and cultural development free from exploitation. As members of the international community, we understand that all struggles for environmental protection are interconnected and that global movements for the defence of land and self-determination can draw inspiration from grassroots struggles in Philippines, and particularly in Mindanao. 

Maylei Hunt and Jessica D’cruze

Maylei Hunt and Jessica D’cruze are multidisciplinary visual artists with the common purpose of addressing contemporary photography. We intend to unpack and re-define the image making in our lens, writing our own stories through our own cultural identities. Our approach will intentionally revisualise away from the Western European capturing of our stories. Our goal is to reclaim those spaces and of our communities and allow further people of colour to storytell through their own viewfinder.  

 By means of connection with other fellow POC creatives, we wish to take steps to find out feet in this creative medium ridding us of our colonial hangovers and celebrating our own practices. 

Next in Colour

Next in Colour is a ground-breaking creative initiative run by Colour Between the Lines (CBTL) a team of African creative practitioners. Through various platforms, we offer a network of support, vocational pathways and a collaborative working environment. We make space that reflects the communities we come from, and we can call our own, as well as ensuring that we continue to create a map for the next generations to come. A key ongoing goal for us as a collective is to mobilise community arts practice to enact self-determination and promote the health and wellbeing of communities from the African diaspora.


PO PO MO CO is a multi award winning physical theatre company. We view and depict life through feminist, queer lenses. We are sex, body, consent and stupidity positive. If there is a ‘gay agenda’ we are pushing it!

Current ensemble members are Kimberley Twiner, Lily Fish, Hallie Goodman and Sunanda Sachatrakul. Recent collaborators include Stephen Nicolazzo, Maude Davey, Rinske Ginsberg, Becky-Lou Church, and Sebastian Berto.

Since founding in 2015 we have presented over 40 events including theatre, variety, roving, screen content and work for children.


Saluhan is an emerging collective of Filipinx/o artists based in Naarm on Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung Country. Saluhan was created to establish a network between creatives in Australia and the Philippines and has since expanded to include collaborative projects that combine arts, activism, and community development.

Saluhan has previously facilitated events, including Saluhan: A Filipino Community Arts Event (2019), Saluhan Virtual Gatherings (2020), and Agimat (2021) at Sunshine Print Artspace. Saluhan was recently awarded The Carstairs Prize 2021 by NAVA to produce Dialekto, a series of artist-led community workshops in visual arts, sound, and storytelling at Siteworks and Footscray Community Arts.

Scotty So

Scotty So is a Melbourne based artist who works across media, using painting, photography, sculpture, site-responsive installation, video and drag performance. Driven by a love for all things camp, So uses his work to explore the relationships between comedy and tragedy, as well as between honesty and insincerity. Born and raised in Hong Kong, So graduated BFA Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts with First Class Honours in Melbourne, Australia, 2019. So’s work has been displayed in Hong Kong, China and Australia, including the Triennial 2020 of the National Gallery of Victoria. Scotty So is represented by MARS Gallery in Australia.


Songlines Music Aboriginal Corporation aim is to provide a platform to advocate as a collective voice for greater recognition of contemporary Aboriginal Music as an important cultural art form. Songlines represents the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music sector and provides opportunities for Victorian based Indigenous musicians and performers to develop skills, showcase their artistic abilities and engage with the arts sector at an industry standard. 

Songlines holds some of Victoria’s largest Indigenous music events; providing a valuable contribution to Indigenous social and economic development through the arts by promoting ownership, cultural pride and unity. Our dedicated youth program is a seeding ground for tomorrow’s Indigenous art and artists. Songlines artistic aim is to promote, support and present contemporary Indigenous music, arts and culture and to stimulate dialog around the role of Indigenous arts in Australian culture. This provides a platform for artists to be a voice of the Indigenous community, which in turn will contribute to the overall voice of Australia.

The Grief Cocoon

The Grief Cocoon provides grief support and education through creative community events and workshops, in collaboration with organisations including cohealth Arts Generator, Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, and Centre for Building Better Community.

Founded by Gabriela Georges, The Grief Cocoon brings together her personal lived experience of grief and loss, complimented by her formal education and experience as a writer, musician, facilitator, and community development worker. The Grief Cocoon was created on the firm belief that through story-telling, community, and creativity, one can begin the process of healing and know that they are not alone.

Yuchen Xin

Yuchen Xin was born in Shanghai in 1998 and now lives and works in Melbourne. Her practice examines personal and curious perceptions of the world and the absurdities in everyday life. This unconscious self-expression is expressed through various mediums, including hand-formed objects, painting, video, ceramics, and digital work. The unique anthropomorphic characters she creates engage both her personal universe and the hyperactive side and strangeness of human conditions. She considers her characters to have aspects of absurdity, strangeness, and craziness like human beings but still retain a loveable quality. 

Xin is a participating artist in Trocodero Projects’ current program. 


Blame the Shadows


Didem Caia

Foni Salvatore

Jack Nicholls

James Hale

Kin Francis

Jo Ze spArks

Karima Baadilla

Kate Robinson & Maria Birch-Morunga

Nithya Solomon


Paul Hedley Roberts

Second Echo Ensemble (SEE)

Piper Huynh

Reagan Romero Maiquez

Reuben James / Variation Three

Reuben Lewis

Ripley Kavara

Sam Elkin


Tariro Mavondo

Vivian Nguyen

Zhang Xiaoan

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