Flowing Futures – ZINE Making

Levels 6-10: Join local artists for guided tour of the Maribyrnong River. Through a zine making workshop, students discover how to use art as a means of advocating for their environment.

Starting at Henderson House, the historic home of Footscray Community Arts, students will uncover the history of the Maribyrnong River. Students will observe the ways in which Footscray has changed over time, and the impacts of industrialization on our local environments. Following this site exploration, they will express their feelings about climate change through Zine-making, uncovering the power of artmaking as activism and exploring some of the ways in which we can intervene in the climate crisis.


  • A guided site exploration of Footscray Community Arts and the Maribyrnong River 
  • Meeting and learning from local community-based artists 
  • Learning basic collaging skills and zine making with a professional artist 
  • Understanding how art can be used as a form of everyday activism 

Duration: 2 hours
Cost:  $350* (Capacity of 30 students)
*Schools with <1000 SFOE ranking are eligible for subsidised rates.   

Themes and ideas:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
Environmental Health
Society and Environment
Art Making Processes 

Curriculum Connections:
(VCGGK106), (VCGGK119),(VCGGK096),(VCGGK082), (VCGGK148), (VCGGK145), (VCGGK115),(VCCCG019)(VCAVAE029), (VCAVAV042),(VCAVAV043),(VCAVAR012) 

To book this excursion, submit an enquiry form or email schools@footscrayarts.com.