Emerging Cultural Leaders 2017

Alec Reade

Alec Reade is a young Oceanic artist (Fijian/European) looking to decolonise, intersectionalise and reclaim their identity with members of the Oceanic community.

New Way Finders are a community art collective, co- founded by Alex, that centres queerness and unifies isolated community members with cultural leaders of the Oceanic diaspora, encouraging creativity and confidence amongst would-be and emerging Oceanic artists. New Way Finders also aims to connect with other diasporic art initiatives and organisations to further decolonise the art scene within Naarm (Melbourne).

‘The ECL Program has opened me up to myself, my confidence as an arts facilitator, and an art community so loving, inclusive and full of practitioners and opportunities that I never knew existed nor had I thought I’d be a part of.’

1 – Alec Reade. Image by Snehargho Ghosh.