Emerging Cultural Leaders 2014

Mayssam Latif

In 2012 Mayssam graduated from RMIT University with a Masters of Art. Her dissertation research explored The Space In-Between, conceptualizing the function and structure of urban Interiority. This research resulted in a series of public art works and her first solo exhibition as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival program.

Mayssam’s other areas of interest have centred on building the connections and sense of place for marginalised community groups with a particular specialisation in refugee and at-risk youth sectors, acting both as a mentor and an art practitioner. Mayssam has successfully initiated and produced art projects for Youth Week, Refugee Week and International Women’s Day three years running since 2010.

In 2011 Mayssam founded the community project ReProject, an initiative that brings
local artists and the general community together to re-conceptualise, re-cycle and
re-vitalise our usually-disposable items and culminating in a multi-day sustainable and
creative event.

In 2013 Mayssam was the Communications and Community Development Coordinator
at Kultour, a national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity in the arts, and has recently left to pursue a second course of study.

Website: www.reproject.com.au

Mayssam’s 2014 ECL Project:
ReProject is an artistic initiative that seeks to re-think the way communities approach their pre-loved goods.