Emerging Cultural Leaders 2015

Supina Bytol

Supina Bytol is an Australian born multidisciplinary artist, she is an advocate for grassroots projects. She believes that you can build something from nothing if you can see ‘outside the box’.

Her cultural heritage is of Indonesian and Malaysian Cocos / Christmas Island decent. In the last 5 years she has been working with artists, and artist groups based in Yogyakarta, and Bali, Indonesia. Her most recent project was to fund-raise for an artist run space in the village of Bona, which is world renowned for its strong Hindu spiritism and Kecak dance.
Through her work in Bona, she develops and manages an arts residency program connecting artists from Indonesia and Australia, as well as working as on her music incorporating field recordings of Indonesia.

She experimented with art from a very young age with knowledge and skills in printmaking, drawing, performance and digital media and music and obtained a diploma of fine arts from Perth central TAFE, and Swinburne University. Supina has been active in the artist community as she has also built artist-run-spaces in Brunswick and Richmond.

Her main practice has been performing and song writing with electronic Melbourne-based band and collective ‘Miso’. She has performed Australia wide for the last 10 years including Meredith music Festival, Big Day Out, and Falls Festival. Supina also experiments with her own music and has performed with many experimental electronic groups and has released her own music under the name ‘Tropical dreams’.

Miso Bandcamp page: https://listentomiso.bandcamp.com/releases
Tropical Dreams: https://m.soundcloud.com/tropical-dreams