June 5, 2017

Announcement: New Chair to FCA Board of Directors

Footscray Community Arts Centre announces Jason Rostant as new Chair to the FCA Board of Directors.

Footscray Community Arts (FCA) has appointed Jason Rostant as the new Chair to the FCA Board of Directors.

Former FCA Chair, Lyn Morgain, announced her decision to step down as Chairperson at the 2017 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday May 17 2017 following a successful and impactful 5 years in the key leadership position.

Jason Rostant comes to FCA with more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of policy, advocacy, project management and education roles in NGO and government settings. His specialities include: models of community development and engagement, and capacity-building for rights-based practice and advocacy.

“I am delighted to be stepping into the role of FCA Chairperson and look forward to working with the Board and staff to strengthen and consolidate FCA’s already very significant relationship with its various communities.”

FCA’s CEO and Director, Jade Lillie, said she looked forward to the governance and co-design experience that Jason Rostant would bring to build on Lyn’s legacy in the leadership of the Board and FCA.

“Jason has a range of experience in the health, community and not-for-profit sectors, which will add great value to the leadership of FCA over the coming years. He has a keen interest in the arts and is a regular visitor and audience member at FCA.”

As Chairperson of the FCA Board for seven years, Lyn Morgain worked with CEO’s Jennifer Barry and Jade Lillie during times of significant change in the arts policy and funding environment.

Under her stewardship, the FCA Board have reformed many areas of governance and compliance, delivered the 2017 – 2020 Strategic Plan and confirmed FCA as a leader in arts advocacy in the national landscape.

Lyn Morgain thanked the Members, fellow Board members, and FCA staff for the opportunity to be part of FCA’s Board, at the 2017 Annual General Meeting.

“It has been a great pleasure and honour to serve FCA in this role over this time of significant evolution and challenge. I remain passionately committed to the work of the centre and look forward to working with Jason in this new era,” Lyn Morgain said.

Jade Lillie acknowledged Lyn Morgain’s contribution to FCA as a mentor and leader.

“I am forever grateful for the exceptional leadership and guidance provided by Lyn over the last 5 years. Her skills, expertise and experience have been invaluable through the recent times of instability across the sector.”

Lyn Morgain will remain on the Board for one year through the transition.

1- Jason Rostant