June 15, 2018

ArtLife Artist in Focus: Esther Tuddenham

In the lead up to the second ArtLife Colouring Book Launch on Thursday 26 July, we spoke with artist Esther Tuddenham about what inspires her creative practice.

What kind of work have you been making for the colouring book?

So far they’ve been patterns, symbols, anything to do with what I like.

What do the patterns and symbols represent?

The patterns and symbols represent happiness.

What kind of materials and techniques have you been using?

Black (Artline) pen and I’ve done some colour as well.

Do you think you’ll continue with patterns for the colouring book or do other work also?

I’ll continue with patterns and symbols. I’ve also done a song. It’s called You are my sunshine. The reason why I chose it is because it’s a memory. I remember singing that with a friend.

What inspires you to create work?

Nature inspires me, feelings inspire me, anything I can see. What’s around me inspires me.

Why do you think the ArtLife colouring books are special?

I think it’s special ‘cause it’s something you’ll treasure forever, it’s something you’ll look back on. You can colour in if you’re bored or even if you’re not bored. If you’re in a good mood, just colour in.

What would you say if someone was to ask you ‘Why should I buy the ArtLife
colouring book?

I would say, it’s artwork. You should buy it ‘cause you can look at different artwork
and see different perspectives on life. Some people draw based on their life, or
what they’re feeling at the time. And, that can be really special to some people, they
want to express what they’re feeling and they put it down in a colouring book. I used
to love colouring in when I was little and I’m sure other people will love to colour in too.

1- Esther Tuddenham.