ArtLife, Jayde Houreau, Seddon Deadly Sins
March 9, 2021

Artist Jayde Houareau exhibits ‘Cafe Foods’ at Seddon Deadly Sins

Cafe Foods by Jayde Houareau

Cafe Foods is a series of eight paintings of delectable foods and drinks, produced by local visual artist and painter Jayde Houareau. The works will be exhibited at local cafe Seddon Deadly Sins from Thursday 18 March. Inspired by the cafe’s menu and following Jayde’s ongoing series of still-life abstracts bursting with colour, Cafe Foods features Pancakes with Blueberries and IcecreamBacon and Eggs, and Bloody Mary pictured above.

Jayde is part of Footscray Community Arts’ ArtLife program, which runs weekday workshops for artists with a disability to develop their creative practice. We interviewed Jayde to learn more about the influences behind her creative practice.


Footscray Community ArtsWhat materials do you use to make your paintings?

Jayde Houareau: 
Acrylic paint and high quality paper. I draw the pictures first with a grey lead pencil.

Footscray Community ArtsDo you prefer to work on a table or easel?

Jayde Houareau: I use a board and an easel. I like to stand up, without sitting down.

Footscray Community ArtsHow long would you spend on each painting?

Jayde Houareau: About 2.5 hours.

ArtLife, Jayde Houreau, Seddon Deadly Sins
Jayde’s works are available for purchase at Seddon Deadly Sins

Footscray Community ArtsWhat made you decide to paint a Bloody Mary?

Jayde Houareau: I looked at different cocktail books.

Footscray Community ArtsWhy do you think people should come and see your work?

Jayde Houareau: Because it looks cool!

You can see Cafe Foods on Display at Seddon Deadly Sins.

WHERE: 148, Victoria Street, Seddon.
WHEN: 18 March – 17 June; Monday – Sunday, 7am – 3.30pm (café hours)
COST: Entry is free. Works available for purchase at Seddon Deadly Sins.

1 – Artist is holding Artwork Bloody Mary, 2020. Photo by Cheralyn Lim.
2 – Pancakes with Blueberries and Icecream, 2020 by Jayde Houareau. Photo by Gianna Rizzo.