December 9, 2021

Artist Steven Tran receives funding to take BOLD to the next level


Artist Steven Tran, has been building on his visual arts practice over 2021. His work explores structure and movement, featuring abstract, geometric paintings and drawings.

This year, Steven was successful in receiving funding from the State Trustees Australia Foundation – Community Inclusion program, which supported the development of his debut solo exhibition ‘BOLD’.

“My work is Bold. My exhibition is all about becoming more sensitive, more visible. It’s about performing,” says Steven.

Steven wants audiences to be immersed in his artwork, and this will be made even more possible through funding from the Australia Council for the Arts for the next iteration of BOLD. When Steven heard the news, his reaction over the phone was ‘cool!’.

Steven will collaborate closely with a designer to expand his work into an immersive augmented reality experience, to be programmed for the Big Anxiety 2022, an international arts festival focused on collective mental health.

We can’t wait to share more about Steven’s artistic career as BOLD Part Two gets underway.

“I’m looking forward to next year”, says Steven.

You can visit Steven’s solo exhibition BOLD at Footscray Community Arts until 20 February 2022.

1 – Steven Tran creating artwork for BOLD. Image by Jackie Dixon.