Discover Your Neighbourhood Quiz
October 25, 2022

Discover Your Neighbourhood Quiz


Discover Your Neighbourhood Quiz 

Neighbourhood is set to be jam packed with arts, culture, theatre, music and performance. But with so much on offer, you may be having trouble deciding which events to attend. Take our quiz below and discover two Neighbourhood events we think you might enjoy. 

1.     Which of these prompts sound most compelling to you? 

A. Celebrate your neighbourhood through song, dance, flavour and texture 
B. Witness the maintenance of cultural legacy under settler colonialism 
C. Blur the boundaries between the physical body and our cyberspace avatars 
D. Create a more supportive and inclusive future for the whole community

2.     What kind of atmosphere are you looking for?

A. I want to experience the sensual delights of good music and good food
B. I want to connect to culture through ancient, time-honoured stories 
C. I want to be transported somewhere strange and otherworldly
D. I want to witness the power of art in affecting social and political change

3.     Would you benefit from any of the following access services? 

A. No specific access services required 
B. Auslan interpreted performance 
C. Relaxed session or Auslan interpreter 
D. Vietnamese translation or Auslan interpreter 

4.     Which three words would best describe your ideal arts experience?

A. Dynamic, vibrant, celebratory
B. Ceremonial, sensory, connected
C. Subversive, untethered, mythical  
D. Joyful, revelatory, rectifying 

5.     What kind of event would you be most likely to attend?

A. Live music 
B. Theatre and performance 
C. Multidisciplinary arts showcase  
D. Visual art and exhibitions 

If you answered mostly: 

A: Celebrate your neighbourhood with live music

  • Bluestones 2022, Gianna Rizzo
    Bluestones 2022, Gianna Rizzo

Ring in the opening of Neighbourhood with our Street Party on 11 November. This free event has something for all ages, with local food, wine and plenty of DJs and other entertainment. Experience the flavours and textures of the west’s diverse cuisines and see Footscray’s Nicholson Street mall turn into a wonderland of celebration and sensory experiences.

More of a jazz person? In Spirit of the Nile, critically acclaimed musician, pianist and composer, Girma Yifrashewa, returns to Australia with two concerts on 12 and 13 November. Kick off the evening with a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony and enjoy the sounds of one of Ethiopia’s most beloved artists, as well as support from local jazz legends, JAzmari’s Trio. 

B: Experience the splendour of epic storytelling  

  • Photo of Uncle Larry Walsh by Danielle Rodriguez, 2022
    Photo of Uncle Larry Walsh by Danielle Rodriguez, 2022

Drawing on ceremony and a connection to the world’s oldest living culture, The Dreaming Project is a rich storytelling movement led by First Nations creatives. Bringing together circus performance, projection art, lighting, dance and traditional practices, this promenade performance seeks to honour ancestry and represent the beginning of Country. Be transported 17 – 20 November.

Looking for another love letter to home? Lele is a story of family, honour and the motherland. Part Samoan siva and part drill rap concert, this readaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone is a fierce exploration of the immigrant experience in Australia. Performances showing 24 – 26 November. 

C: Redefine yourself in cyberspace  

  • Serwah Attafuah, Creation of My Metaverse (Between this World and the Next), 2021
    Serwah Attafuah, Creation of My Metaverse (Between this World and the Next), 2021

Subvert the fabric of language and translation with Sub~Lingual. From the Latin ‘under the tongue’, this playful exhibition seeks to dismantle the power structures that govern our bodies, tongues, gender, sexuality and desire. Discover where cyberspace meets the underworld 11 – 27 November.

Like what happens when contemporary art meets tech? Body Crysis is a vanguard experiment in digital corporeality. An exercise in choreography, this work combines dance, motion capture and CG animation. Experience it in the flesh or online 16 – 19 November. 

D: Get to know your neighbourhood with art created by the community, for the community

  • Diego Pizarro, Electric Man, 2022
    Diego Pizarro, Electric Man, 2022

Electric Man was once a Metro Trains worker. But after encountering a fuse box at Footscray Station, he becomes a superhero. Loosely based on the narrative of Robin Hood, this character first came to comic-book artist Diego Pizarro as a means of addressing global imbalances of power and the unequal distribution of resources around the world. Experience the exhibition 11 – 29 November. 

Looking for another local story? House of Mother Tongue, House of Other Tongue is an exploration of place, language and the migrant experience. These twin exhibitions are created particularly for Footscray’s Vietnamese community and allies, and address settler colonial legacies of monolingualism and its impact on minority languages. This event is designed to be experienced in three parts, and audiences are encouraged to sign up to the Singing Bus ride 12 – 26 November and the Language and Community Symposium on 27 November. 

  • Courtesy of the artist, 2020
    Courtesy of the artist, 2020

Looking for more options? Check out the whole Neighbourhood program today!