• Image: Anenome (detail) by Tania Rasen. Photo by Lucy Buxton.
    Image: Anenome (detail) by Tania Rasen. Photo by Lucy Buxton.
Until 2 June 2022
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Curators Pamela Debrincat and Michael Delaney invite you to explore CLOSER, an exhibition that encourages curiosity featuring paintings and drawings layered with rich texture and pattern. These works have depth and hidden meaning that are not always visible at first glance. We invite you to search, seek and dive into detail to explore what lies beneath the surface. 

CLOSER demonstrates how sometimes things can appear one way but when looked at closely, there is more to discover.

“You can create your own interaction and decide your own beginning and end.” Pamela Debrincat, curatorial team.

Opening event: Thursday 10 March, 6–8pm
Exhibition dates: 8 March – 2 June 2022

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 9.30am – 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 4pm

CLOSER will be opening alongside Ibby Ibrahim: BLM

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CLOSER was developed with support from the State Trustees Australia Foundation. 

Date & Times

8 March – 2 June 2022

Gabriel Gallery



The opening event will be Auslan interpreted. 

Meet the Artists and Curators
  • ArtLife Residency

    CLOSER presents work from artists who are part of the ArtLife program at Footscray Community Arts. ArtLife is an artist and industry development program for artists with disability. Featured artists include David Mossop, Helen Kruljac, Jay Euesden, Jayde Houareau, Jonny Radevski, Kathryn Sutherland, Lindsay Sutherland, Liz Hofbauer, Paul Sunderland, Robyn McGrath and Tania Rasen.

    CLOSER is curated by a team consisting of Pamela Debrincat, Michael Delaney, Tamsen Hopkinson and Lucy Buxton. Pamela Debrincat is an emerging curator currently undertaking an ArtLife Residency. Pamela has an interest in participatory works which make art more accessible to audiences with disability. CLOSER is Michael’s first curatorial project. His artistic practice features intricate patterns often observed in nature. The curatorial team is mentored by Tamsen, who brings extensive experience within the contemporary arts sector as an artist, curator, producer and teacher, and Lucy, Lead Engagement worker for the ArtLife program and who is studying a masters in Art Curatorship.


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